Just CHILL, please …

Recently I went on vacation in Berkshires. This was my first time in the area, in which Kripalu and other yoga retreats and meditation centers reside. I was there with a friend who was on a budget. We decided to recreate the yoga retreat feeling without spending the “cripple you” prices. (1 of 2)

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Our first day, the drive was excruciating. I must have stopped five times at rest stops, eating bad food, and checking maps, because our GPS was not working as smoothly as we had hoped. We shot past the turnoff for the resort, since it was poorly marked. When we finally arrived I wasn’t in the mood to do anything, except eat dinner and relax. Instead we had a heavy pasta dinner and entertained local spirits all night long.


The next day, we drove back to the Reception area and looked around. It was beautiful, but we were disappointed to find the coffee machine broken and the can opener missing from our kitchen supplies. We drove to Williamstown, MA, with the hopes of maybe finding ingredients for a summer cooler.

No such luck.

It was Reunion weekend and the clerk at the liquor store had run out of coconut milk. The alternative options were in Pittsfield, MA, which was 23 miles away.

On our way back we tried the local general stores but they looked either closed or unlikely to carry such a nonlocal item. In the meantime, the WIFI signal was weak and we couldn’t see the indicator on our iPhone, indicating where we were in relation to our resort. We ended up driving around in circles, looking for the turnoff we missed the day before.

Yet this time we found there were two turnoffs for Rte. 43. What are the odds?

None of this bothered me until we got back to the resort. I started making hummus on the VitaMix machine we brought. Suddenly my friend produced a recipe for guacamole hummus and complained that the avocados were not yet ripe enough. At the same time she also asked me how to sign into the resort WIFI on the iPad, but kept complaining that she couldn’t get on.  It didn’t bother me that we got lost, because, according to her, “I had to get a taste for how she passes each day.” I don’t know if it was a culmination of a lack of sleep, the Full Moon in Sagittarius, or simply being in a tiny, unknown town in the middle of a place where cellphone reception was spotty. It was when she played for me YouTube videos about ripening the avocados in the microwave that I lost it.

Being a native from a tropical island, the thought of putting anything in a microwave was anathema to me.

I had to put my foot down, in order to really get the weekend started properly.

You really can’t rush certain things

Maybe it’s growing up waiting for everything, but you have to put away all your technology when you come to a natural place like this, and start afresh. You don’t need to stay in a grass hut or a tent, as they do in upstate New York, to have a Zen experience, but you have to realize that some functions in life, such as gardening, cooking or wine tasting, take time.

Multitasking won’t get you there sooner.

Nothing is in your control, especially when you travel, but you can plan around obstacles by learning from prior mistakes.

Growing up with chefs in the house, I take into account such factors as temperature, chemistry, and ripeness, when thinking about flavor enhancement; and you just learn to buy things at their peak of flavor, rather than force it to ripen by putting it in the microwave (and subsequently, destroying all its nutritional value.)

This was so loathsome a thought to me, I almost passed out.


Turn off the YouTube and learn to unwind

I hate to say this, but so many of us are used to such a fast, urban pace that if it can’t be Googled, or if it can’t be solved by an ‘expert’ on the Internet, it doesn’t exist.

Impatience is such an ugly byproduct of our modern, technological advanced world; that it breeds stupidity in even the most educated of people.

Lifestyle is an art; when you ONLY live to get it done, you miss out on the waiting, the anticipation, the build-up, the four seasons, the romance, the mystery, the finer points of appreciation for a full, and healthy harvest in life.

We want to hurry up with the basic necessities, such as eating, partnering, job hunting and paying bills, to get to responding to email or FB or texting, that we forget the mindfulness in participating in a life force that is greater than our smaller consciousness.

Law of attraction versus mental, brute force

I saw this great quote from a private Coffee Lovers group in Facebook recently.

Others live for the grandiose status update:
* I got promoted.
* I got engaged.
* I got pregnant.

Then there is me, with pure delight with:
* I got one more add to my coupon before I get a free coffee.

When you only appreciate yourself for big milestones, you are teaching others, too, to only validate you for only the physical achievements that they can read about in FB or LinkedIn.

The Universe stops giving you pleasant surprises, such as a vacation on the fritz, to learn to be in harmony with something higher and more beautiful.

This brings me to point out how everyone talks about the departure of patriarchy into the Divine Feminine, that many Westerners hear about but don’t seem to know how to walk in their daily lives. We still rely on the computer; logic; information rather than the wisdom of our own experiences (i.e. learning from mistakes) to guide us.

My dad taught me that the quality of life all boils down to having a learner’s mindset. A childlike wonder about the world. He taught me that the greater treasure in life is to learn how to be content, while on the road to your next big experience.

If you find ways to take life in smaller packets, you will get more done and it won’t be so frustrating. Then your heart opens up and you will see the greater opportunity in your trials.

…  and in this case, he would’ve said, you have to WAIT until the avocados ripen.

Or just not get it done now.

And be okay with that.

Synchronicities are there to guide you; but if we ignore them and continue on a blueprint, either self-made or computer-generated, as with a GPS, we may end up at the destination (for e.g., promoted, engaged and fully ensconced in the American dream), but we may not enjoyed the sacrifices we made, to the quality of our life, to get there.


The dream hummus recipe could be a nightmare for the avocado

Ideals are sold to us all the time by the media to sell products rather than inform us of what’s good for us.

We don’t think it’s good enough unless it’s been systemized, analyzed and reconfigured for us, under some mathematically correct, engineering paradigm; or it’s been endorsed on Google or some computerized platform.

A specific example from real life:

As I learned from observing an integration effort in the last six weeks, a plan that looked good on paper (like a recipe) failed because of artificial processes and immature people. Factors included: people that are not motivated in the same way, are not wont to cooperate. Sometimes they are not motivated by the right directives. Sometimes they don’t have mutually compatible values, such as customer service versus ethics and compliance/control.

In this case, you could apply the metaphor of un-ripened avocados.

When you don’t spend time observing behavior (your own vs others); learning from mistakes; participating, instead of voyeuristically studying the attempts of others; and using discernment in the choosing both the ingredients (and the people) to execute them, your plans may cost you more effort AND bring you unsatisfactory results in real life.

This is why we need to slow down, take a break and meditate.

Because maybe you CAN’T do two things at the same time. In my friend’s example, you have to either hasten the avocados. Or deal with the emails.

And, in my real-life example, when the company continued on track with a plan that was already a year-outdated, the team with greater supplier relations (or supposed expertise on paper) was fired; and their work, redistributed to a more seasoned team with experience and better communications. Even this outcome could have been avoided, if someone recognized that what was allowed to develop naturally through market forces, was satisfactory already.

Activity (and change) doesn’t equate always to forward action. When you start to care more about the quality of your experience, waiting (and patience) sometimes is better than action for action’s sake. 

We draw to us what we are ready for, so ponder very carefully what that is; instead of relying on images or exciting ideas on the Internet that seem to be the quick solution superficially, 

Because Law of Attraction, combined with a resistance to change, will deliver it. Even if it’s a year or lifetime too late, and you’ve lost interest in that original recipe.

Savor the experience of life.

If you are lucky enough to have a time-out, learn to enjoy it. Don’t just eat. Taste it and appreciate its richness. Learn to cook. Feel music and not just listen to it. Play music. More than just listening, playing music allows you to express yourself. Sing. Gather with old friends. Take a walk in the park. Go hiking. If you drink wine, let it breathe.

Being receptive to what is, can only bring us closer to a better reality than following the ‘oft-times,’ clunkier efforts of forced-to-produce-results-now, type of mechanistic world.

Remember:  “The deep breath you just took to show that your problems are bigger than you, is the final breath someone had taken right now in his life! As long as your breath is not the final one, you still have a hope!” — -Israelmore Ayivor

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What’s the deal with the infamous suit?

I’m flying my “weird” flag loud and clear this weekend to avoid being recruited by one of the departments at work, who have made several overtures through coworkers.

The secret of the Wall Street suits 

Here is my history with Wall Street and why I don’t want to make the move.

I worked 20 years on both the corporate and consulting side as a marketer. Every opportunity to go to lunch or on a road trip, I would encounter the suits, professional men and women with considerable academic achievement like myself focused on a trajectory in the finance world. They all speak knowledgeably; most of them are pedigreed, either from a fine university, graduate program or internship. They speak in specialized language of their chosen fields and they invariably are mild mannered and at times have pursued very similar soul paths. 

I used to see these individuals, mostly analysts and portfolio managers, as proper, appropriate, powerful and in the right place. Until mid 2007, when I was trapped in a hotel with them. I remember while finishing a roadshow lunch and packing up the table, one passed by me without acknowledging me, and I thought I could never be one of them, even if I pursued the education. 

The only way I could explain this is: a person with a multicolored aura can never be a suit. 

It’s actually devolving. 

Suits act in ways that others demand them to be or acts a certain way to fit in and conform with what society accepts. They are fixated only on a material reality. Suits live the life that society had always told them to live. “Find a secure job, work hard,” they would say. “Get a solid job and work your way up the ladder.”

Suits are starting up the color chart a basic Earth tone (concerned only with survival), while I have been through so many incarnations, I’ve a hue from every lifetime that helps me see the variegated nature of seasons, people and life experiences. So while most people expect me to be motivated by money and fear, they find instead someone more concerned with creating characters, playing with other people’s palettes, exploring different dimensions, allowing for archetypes of other lifetimes to express themselves, and speaking with a wide array of people to feed my ability to have a spiritual communion with the Whole.

Every time I think back to that pivotal moment I remind myself what wearing the suit means. 

To me it wasn’t unlike academia. Suits are souls whose knowledge is a function of mechanical control. They are the willing pawns of this manufactured reality. Instead of having an optimistic disposition, they are valued for their grey assessments of the world and economy.  Numeric expressions make up their daily function. Instead of offering solutions, as their entrepreneurial counterparts are wont, they look for ways to crunch numbers that make the simple appear more sophisticated and impress rather than truly communicate. All this packaging is not unlike their exterior: predictable, monotone and financially secure. 

Suits can tell their status from other just by looking at the closeness of the individual threads and the fine tailoring. They compare themselves on the basis of their uniforms, for this is how others judge them. The wealthier the look, the assumption is: the more successful they have been and the better able to represent your interests. 

That all has changed since the financial crisis of 2008. You can argue otherwise but the secret is: the elites have been bailing out. It’s not a conspiracy theory; it’s an industry wide shake up that has gone on for eight years. As global consciousness has finally caught up with the game, the elite can no longer control or deceive as much as they did in the past. Subsequently, the job security is no longer a guarantee for suits as the control environment becomes increasingly fragmented.

Be true to yourself

Going back to my dilemma, I knew joining this department would be a step back into uncertain waters. As my coworkers kept nudging me, I admit I didn’t know how to respond. 

Like most people I faltered, and the experience made me realize no matter how strong my inner knowing, my first impulse was to react like a suit, i.e. obey, take the order and think later.

Why it happens?

Usually our intuition already has the answer, yet we have been programmed to trust only logic. We say to ourselves “it’s more money. That department has a prestigious function. It is a top line role; there is bound to be opportunities,” and we delude ourselves into doing the easy thing and follow like sheep to the slaughter. 

As Casey Neistat once noted, “It’s a really frightening position to be in, because you have this big fat check in front of you and oftentimes you can be asked to compromise your value or your integrity to pay the rent.”

It’s at times like this that I have to document what I did right to remember it the next time around. 

Firstly, I delved into my purpose and asked if the department was a fit more for my long range goals and proclivities rather than my bucket list. We have skills we have learned and we have stretch goals that take us deeper into our potential. Which was this? 

Secondly, I had to ask why is this so important that they are trying so hard to get rid of me. Had I pushed too hard against the grain? I didn’t think so. I worked hard, I didn’t gossip, I presented a professional front, I just didn’t find the suits welcoming, so I mirrored it — and maybe that was the energetic resistance they wanted to dispel. 

Thirdly, sometimes we need support from others that know us well to allow us to choose ourselves. So much of society wants us to fit their expectations that we invalidate ours. The truth is: only we know what makes our souls happy. We should take 100% responsibility for saying no to those who don’t have our best interests in mind. 

For those people that think they can change the tone and culture of the organization by moving you like a set of lawn furniture, they will have to live with your decision that your path is unclear to them. Because it is, they cannot obstruct or control you.

Finding myself on the spiral path 

There is a profound sense of joy and purpose when we have to lose ourself in something greater. Whether this something is art, a movement, a vision or a Higher Power, it’s to trust that if the destination is Unknown that could be the best thing for your Soul. 

In the past I had pursued my ambitions like a straight line. Each time when I got what I wanted (reached my destination), I was disappointed. If it was accolades, societal approval or money/status, the outcomes were depression and isolation. There was always something more that I was not; some reason that said never enough; or a certain loneliness that no amount of achievement could fill.

Even when the purpose was spiritual attainment, I didn’t find complete fulfillment in that, either. I thought it required full sacrifice, complete dedication, as lightworkers are called to do. But it only led to poverty that I did not enjoy (or recommend to anyone).

When controlling my destiny (trying too hard to walk a straight path) made me miserable in 2016, I surrendered to natural forces and a new dimension opened up. 

When one discovers and understands the doctrine of the two nature-orders, he stands at the doorstep of the Spiral Path. When one makes the voluntary decision to forsake the material world, choosing to be in the world but not of the world, one can begin to walk the Spiral Path, the Path of Liberation; the Path of Return.” — BrotherGee

You know you’re on the spiral path by your inability to define it to others. I thought I would be on the spiral path when I began my career as a psychic but I hadn’t fully surrendered control. To forsake the material world doesn’t mean let go of making a living. It actually means being in a state of indifference towards it as the primary determinant of your value.

Your life becomes like a spiral, because sometimes you have to start over. Or go back to a riddle that you still need to find the answer. And that answer will unlock the door to the next level. Each turn of the spiral brings us back around into life lessons that are now approached from a new level of understanding. 

Once you stop worrying about what others think, you begin to relax into your true self and do your life’s work. Your inner life takes over. Life becomes more enjoyable, because each time you heal, your soul learns lessons and your overall sense of mastery brings you inner fulfillment.

We were all created to return to our original state: communion with that Consciousness that breathes life into all living beings. Once we do we can’t feel lonely any more.

– We lose our obsession with correctness and begin to reacquaint ourselves with spontaneity.

– We open up to the receptivity of being in meditative, transcendent states, where our imagination, intuition, and inner life fully come alive. 

– Instead of traveling in a straight line, which isn’t really natural, we allow things to sink in and begin to understand the world around us in a deeper way.

– We embrace our imperfections and understand that everything is in perfect order, even if we cannot understand it.

Be proud of how you shine your Light

Being a multicolor aura personality we have diverse life experiences and struggles that gives us a different response to life.  Knowing that people are never black and white, neither good or bad, we are learning how to apply our compassion, greater awareness and understanding to how to channel, express and communicate with them. 

When we immerse ourselves wholeheartedly in the emotions of the collective and respond to it rather than shut it down, we open ourselves up to greater possibilities. We are able to be diplomats across all lines. As a result, our effectiveness goes up.

With our experience handling diverse challenges and failures over many lifetimes, We have earned my colored stripes. Knowing that we have survived the worst means we can offer positivity.  Leaders want people who can see the bright side of things. They know that doom and gloom doesn’t accomplish anything. While most suits struggle with the diminishing financial rewards, someone with our commitment is a joy to be around. That only increases our negotiating leverage.

In a storm, which reveals everyone’s mettle, that is what makes a colorful aura personality stand out. 


How to get ahead despite your gift

Having a life that no one understands is a big challenge. 

Accept it

Even though you could have so much in common with others, such as the same background, neighborhood, schooling, desires, etc., but if you are one iota different than the norm, most people sometimes do not want to connect. They may be mystified by you but they still prefer their connections with those that are at the same level or lower.

No matter how you try, people tend to judge you within the first few minutes or interactions and set their future behavior with you by it. 

If you vibrate at a slightly high frequency than most, you will not fit in. It’s not you; it’s more the speed by which you take in the world; and if you are swifter at seeing through the hidden it sometimes makes people uncomfortable. 

No matter how hard you work or try, how the ‘in’ group pegs you remains a barrier until someone of high social value in the group points out that you are acceptable. 

Instead of moving forward, you are forever battling their perception of you, and as an empath it’s hard not to be able to miss that when you are in shared space but this is how you can stand up to it. 

Bolster yourself with wise words

I like to collect images or quotes that strengthen the inner self. Words have power. When we live by them, as JFK said, we can be indomitable. As our imaginations are more active than most, we don’t need something to be physically present to bring it into our present reality. Just as affirmations program the mind, we can use aphorisms to empower us throughout days when the popular mind is set against us.

Some people read the Bible. This is good, too; whatever brings you to a place of peace when the world is upside down.

Understand that you and others are mirrors for improvement

Usually it’s not about you; it’s about what you bring up for others. As empaths we have a natural ability to reflect the light of others. Upon occasion some people won’t like the self they see in your mirror.

Lately I have been experiencing a little conflict with my boss. Even though we get along well, he has been susceptible to believing the rumor mill’s ranking of me and less in the output that I produce. This leads to a devaluation process, which is disappointing. 

When I discussed an opportunity to move into another department with a coworker, a colleague gave me some perspective on my boss’s situation. Namely, that he had been passed over for a promotion last year by a peer; and, despite all the kudos, personal charm and outward recognition displayed towards him, even a popular guy like him has struggles. 

This made me realize that being accepted by your peers isn’t enough. Even the ones that are well-liked and perceived as ‘normal’ do not make it up the corporate ladder.

When you realize this you have to take a step back, forget your bruised ego and think deeper about the context. Is it the department? Are the opportunities for growth limited in your path? So much so that they cannot promote even if you keep putting in superior performance, year after year. Are you important to the top line? Are your efforts critical to the mission’s success? Those are the real questions you should ponder.

In such a case, he can only prepare you for the indifference of others. Instead of encouraging your enthusiasm, he is teaching you about adjusting your expectations so that you can limit the damage others can do to you. The unfair nature of life is dictated by limited resources and the sooner you know that, the better equipped you are to find ways through trial and error to demonstrate value outside those parameters.

Negative attention is still attention; shine on

For many years I hid my gift from people, because it always held me apart from people in a way that inspired more jealousy than admiration. When people feel inferior to you, they look for ways to knock you down in order to even out the pecking order, especially in a male dominated field such as banking. It’s very sensitive; if you do not pay homage to a person’s title or their perception of status over you in the company, they will find subtle ways to make you suffer. 

The people who get away with not inspiring the wrath of big egos are the small people — the disabled, crazy or lowest levels of the bunch. They have a right to exist because they do the grunt work no one wants to do. YOU, on the other hand, have to ingratiate yourself and present yourself with a servile attitude in their presence or be served with a warning or pink slip. In the name of people who don’t know their place. 

For empaths this means you are made to feel less. The mean girls — as in peers or subordinates, are there at the Christmas party, hating on you; and the superiors who take it upon themselves to feel slighted by your indifference make it a point to avoid eye contact, pretend to not hear you and not acknowledge you in public. 

When you buck the curve, the herd goes wild. Shine on, anyway. 

Why? Because so many others are cowering, afraid to express their ideas and themselves. When you take a step you let people feel the energetic difference of not having to put on self-imposed airs of too much seriousness. You can do your job and breathe. Do that, so others can see there is more than one way to be successful. They can look at their unique gifts then and not lower them in value. 

Additionally, you will gain the respect of superiors who want improvement and see the value of employees who take the initiative to seek different solutions without seeking the validation of others. 

Trust your gift even when it gets you in trouble and makes you stick out like a sore thumb. Even if it is unearthing different aspects of a problem, it is a blessing to correct things caused by human conditions, such as demeaning others or being out of sync with the natural proclivity of a cultural norm. Those are even more valuable insights because they lie unspoken, undetected and unaddressed by conventional management techniques. They are only understood when brought into the light for reflection.

Stay out of judgment; the best gift you can give others is space 

Consider how radio stations work. If you are with people who are in consonance with your frequency you find communion, a desire to celebrate and rejoice in each other’s presence. When you are with those that aren’t (and this particularly includes negative people), you will feel their repulsion. Like it or not, your gift will not only unearth these personal preferences; they will magnify the differences because you will feel immediately the temperament of the people in a hot/cold manner that is hard to miss. 

At times it has nothing to do with how well you work or co-exist. It usually has to do with values. When the differences widen, people disconnect. Or they feel they cannot grasp the abstraction and lose interest in trying to understand. They label you eccentric and move onto more comfortable interactions, ones that guarantee a sense of belonging and avoid pressuring their sensitivities. 

I felt that way today. There was a noticeable coldness in people’s behavior. A colleague whom I always look up to was unnaturally formal and standoffish. He met my helpfulness with rejection, which stung. When later I inquired with another coworker what was the cause of the mood, I was told that the raises were being decided. Unquestionably, many people resented the outcome. Because he was unable to express his anger and contempt directly, some of that mood spilled over to unsuspecting innocent bystanders. 

If I were my younger self I would absorb that negativity and manifest it. Having spent time working with a teacher and learning how to distance myself, I realize that you have to let time pass before passing judgment. We feel so many strange things that it takes time to investigate and sort out what is ours versus what is others’ feelings. Because you are yourself, you have opened the gates for others to be open with their emotions, too; don’t block or judge others when they have a less than a positive reaction. Sometimes it is for justice when people are indignant; other times it’s frustration that their level of effort is not met with their expectations. 

When I found out it had nothing to do with me, I could stop walking on egg shells and use my gift productively. Bringing back the memory of that moment, I jumped into his consciousness to be a third party witness to understand the situation and understand my role in its resolution.

Use your curiosity to close the gap and bring others closer

Yes, indeed, when I could step outside of myself I could see how bonuses made people who already work hard, work that much harder. In this post-elite world order, where imbalances in income are finally being addressed, the toll takes an impact on the highest echelon. The most important players–the new business leaders and those that are holding onto the business, are seeing their gains marginalized. All those extra costs in regulating and maintaining a fair, contemporary organization, hit the ones on the front lines the hardest: for some of them they don’t know if everything they worked their working lives for is worth it any longer. 

While the majority find solace in diminished returns by balancing work/life goals, those who are used to making large bonuses can remain frumpy over the changes in the reward system. Most of the population won’t understand it, but it’s like being an A+ student all year round among the A-list team and only getting the same percentage increase as the janitor, whom you perceive as not sacrificing as much to achieve the level of mastery that you have. Nothing drains morale than when leaders fail to acknowledge the efforts of the team.

From my perspective these are the people who are most in need of our gifts because they have been so trained to meet short-term expectations, they have forgotten how to take an eternal view. 

People who win all the time in life ironically suffer from a limited sense of appreciation. When material value is your primary means of self-identification, small declines can magnify deeper areas of dissatisfaction in your life. It’s sad but these people are more unfortunate than you in that their focus on material gain sometimes gets in the way of attaining the richer aspects of life that money can’t buy, such as a healthy relationship, a happy family, passion, time, respect, and inner peace. Time, in particular, is one that cannot be recovered. That is why so many executives at supposed high levels of the banking world talk about leaving and never going back. It’s soul-wrenching what they allow their companies to do to them: i.e. to allow the narrow pursuit of money limit their self-expression.

Those are all aspects that we, as empaths, can intuit and help guide when circumstances go awry. If we can do it before it becomes too late, we can improve the overall work atmosphere.

Why is this such a game changer that could help you get ahead? 

Why do we love Sir Richard Branson so much? Because in a dog-eat-dog world he is bucking the trend and saying, “be happy,” “enjoy your vacation,” “give more” and making others experience the difference in quality of life that creates. Fun becomes the reason you come to work, the rationale for paying more because you want to be served by happy people. The ‘energy’ of the moment becomes valuable. In a world focused only on results, it’s placing humans back in the driver seat of what’s truly important: the experience. 

When people at a lower vibration feel the benefit of our higher perspective, and most importantly feel understood, we create the bridge for them to recover. The journey we take into their inner world is the healing we bring to the table. On another level we converse with their Higher Self to connect the dots and bring that person back into the fold without feel shame or any other negative judgment they may be feeling towards themselves. 

If we are on a speaking level with them, we can convey the lesson. If we are not we still create a space for the soul to find the key in our auric field. So when the storm is over (and if they can let go of the negativity) they too can find the missing link and eventually re-find joy in working again. Perhaps that is being a team player in a way that no one can deny. It is a ‘felt’ difference that allows people to go through their feelings without feeling watched or pressured. 

People think that getting ahead is a battle of reason and logic when really it is, as I mentioned earlier, a case of values. Employers are human and make decisions based on what they personally value, which is emotion-driven. If you are lucky, the organization consciously designs its relationship with its employees, suppliers, clients and stakeholders, and will spell it out. Unfortunately, the majority operates on unwritten rules. 

That’s where our gift as empaths helps. Your knowledge of what the group or supervisor cares about puts you in the driver’s seat. Even the best management techniques won’t work unless you create a safe environment, built trust, and give people the space to reach their conclusions about you and your desires at their own pace. Perceptive executives can sense which individuals lift up the organization. If you can intuit how to lighten the psychic burdens of those around you, you won’t go unnoticed for that promotion.


As empaths we have more homework because we have our emotions AND that of others’ to contend with, but we have more conscious ability to shape the emotional tone of our environment. Because we know the regrets of the dying, we know what life is meant to be and have a responsibility to help those who are lost rediscover purpose and meaning. If we can show others that we can use our sensitivity in a caring manner without losing identity in the drama around us, many more would follow us. Together we all can find peace and be rewarded for it, too.