Archaeological record and water 

This is the fourth and final psychic blog on water.  Given that I studied archaeology, I want to give an account of what I studied and how highly concentrated forms of positive intention affects the body and immortal soul. I coin this #soularchaeology, as this is the best way to describe the type of scientific investigation I undertook in my early 20's. #telepathynation #water #earth #remnants #evidence #lifetimes #thinking #intentions #meditations #practices #transmission #ideology #religion #transfer #cultural #monks #Buddhism #crystals #mantras; for if we follow our highest aspirations, we are meant to return to #Light rather than #ashes; and now there is physical proof of the long-term benefits of so-called "right actions and thinking."

First, let me say that this blog is more speculative in nature than an exhaustive study. It's my reflection on what I observed, however simplistic, and some of validating evidence in the material record. On the basis that we are almost 70% comprised of water (per the chart below), the medium, by which we exist, memories and feelings, long after they have been expressed.


How do we know this? Cursorily speakily, I refer back to the groundbreaking work by Japanese scientist, Emoto.

On a microscopic level we can see structuring that thoughts that promote harmony and beauty tend to have a higher, more stable geometric structure than more dissonant, chaotic thoughts. Consciousness and intentions, therefore, as evidenced by the crystalline structure in water when frozen. Primaily a researcher and photographer, Emoto conducted studies with almost 2000 people, asking them to concentrate on feelings of gratitude towards stored water, and published the results of their microscopic structure of the before and after changes, in 2008, in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, a peer reviewed scientific journal of the Society for Scientific Exploration. As you can see below, the gratitude-focused crystals were rated slightly more "beautiful" than one set of control crystals, and slightly less "beautiful" than the other controls. img_2907


His quest was to see if polluted waters could be cleansed by prayer and positive visualization. He also believed in using ultraviolet radiation and sound frequencies to heal water. At any rate, believe what you will, his work is the foundation of a much needed investigation in the energetic frequencies of all living things. Following the nuclear contamination of the Fukushima incident in 2008, his inquiry obviously were a direct response to the most dire of human conditions.

Jumping forward, let's ask a different question… what are crystals and how do differ from other living organisms? According to the Department of Crystallography and Structural Biology of the Madrid, Spain-based institute Higher Council for Scientific Investigations (CSCI)'s website,

"A crystal is a material whose constituents, such as atoms, molecules or ions, are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure. These constituents are held together by interatomic forces (chemical bonds) such as metallic bonds, ionic bonds, covalent bonds, van der Waals bonds, and others.

The crystalline state of matter is the state with the highest order, ie, with very high internal correlations and at the greatest distance range. This is reflected in their properties: anisotropic and discontinuous. Crystals usually appear as unadulterated, homogenous and with well-defined geometric shapes (habits) when they are well-formed. However, as we say in Spanish, "the habit does not make the monk" (clothes do not make the man) and their external morphology is not sufficient to evaluate the crystallinity of a material."

When I was an intern at the Smithsonian's Conservation Analytical Laboratory, my first month was solidly focused on scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and other techniques, for studying the chemical composition of inorganic materials. While we did not take SEM photographs to understand microscopic structure, as so much as we needed to evaluate age and corrosion on artifacts.

Sarira, the Miracle of Buddhist Human Crystals

During the time I was focused on ancient glass from the early Han to Tang dynasties in China. Glass is a purely Western/Islamic and Scythian/Indo European phenomenon. For it to turn up in East Asia was direct evidence of cultural transfer, as the technology existed for glaze on porcelain, but not develop beads, canes or glass objects, as it did in ancient civilizations in the middle East. Moreover, there was a more personal reason for studying glass and crystalline objects. My grandmother was a Buddhist nun. One of the things she always stressed to me was the reciting of a mantra on a rosary. It took me on a journey to understand beads and relic worship.


Photo Credit: Tim Cooley, 2009/12

Apparently, part of the miracles and superhuman powers of Buddhism is the ability to transport the soul after death, among others.

Sarira is the Sanskrit word for “body” (शरीर), but it can refer to any number of relics like teeth or parts of Buddha's skull, which serve as evidence to the crystalline substances that remain after a respected Buddhist's corpse is burnt. The first instance of relic worship stems from how six clans and a king found over the remains of Gautama Buddha after he was cremated. According to Mahaoarinibbana Sutta, the body and ashes were divided into ten portions, and encased in a pot. Later these were enshrined in a stupa, a monument to store the relics; sometimes, it is just a jewel encrusted box, a glass bottle, and other times, it is a casket or structure. Another historical record known as the Ashokavadana recounts how the relics were dug up by Ashoka, divided into 84,000 portions and housed in the same number of stupas. Despite the despair of these monuments, pilgrims from afar came to worship and visit these stupas, giving rise to local leaders and spreading the dharma throughout China, Japan, and all parts of Asia.

Quora contributor Josh Buurman (Dec. 22, 2014) postulates that esteemed monks leave crystalline-type pearls in their ashes for two reasons:

"1. The traditional one that those monks purified themselves and this results in small changes in body chemistry resulting in relics forming.
2. The other one is more down to earth, though the traditional might work together with this. Many times the funeral (cremation) of a monk is something different from the cremation of ordinary people. The pyre is often much larger and of different material. I recall that there are special instructions but can't find a reference right now.

On top of this, once a monk is considered a well established one (let alone an arahant) people will come search the remaining pieces and keep them in good faith. There are accounts that the relics only changed appearances later, not directly. With ordinary people this does not happen, we sweep the dust, put the ashes in an urn (I doubt the larger parts will be there, not sure) and that's it."

There are also articles quoted, such as the NIH 1995 study, published in Forensic Sc. Investigations, by JL Holden, PP Phaley and JP Clemen, about the possible re-crystallization of organic matter after being burned over 24 hours; however, none of these used actual monk remains. Good theory, but tested on ordinary individuals, ages 1-95, to test what temperature bones melts and if age can be determined from the remains through SEM and microradiography. 

The Epoch Times is Chinese-language newspaper found in 2000 on the premise of making known mainland China's persecution of the spiritual group Falun Gong, a movement that combines Buddhism, Taoism and the beliefs of its founder Li Hongzhi. Their coverage is more broad-based and better researched. The miracle is: 

  • "The substance is thought to be accumulated from other realms, to be not quite of this world."
  • "It has long been held in Buddhist tradition that accomplished monks accumulate a substance in their bodies that ordinary people do not."

Also, in its presence one feels a Oneness or a Consciousness from the remains that is unworldly that even researchers from Stanford led by William A. Tiller, PhD, tried to substantiate and measure the energy of sarira. It is more likely than not, that sarira is heavily protected in the Buddhist sphere. When an esteemed monk is cremated, the remains and photographed, measured and documented. Never offered to science for verification; for they are sacred and would be destroyed in the analytical process. This, I can vouch for, having worked with respected institutions, museums and religious societies in the preservation of their relics.

At any rate the relics have been heavily imprinted with intention. So much so that they can produce miracles in their presence; and when not respected or cared for, mysteriously will disappear. Obviously, there also is the possibility of miracles happening due to the power that worshippers project onto to relics. However, as of this date, there is no substantive proof; except to say, that the deltrons, or intermediaries spaces between electric atom/molecules of these objects are highly ordered in order to maintain a crystalline-like substance even after cremation.

While neuroscientists are only scratching the surface in the health benefits of ancient Vedic practices, this article is meant to elaborate the results of the highest aspiring devotees. Many writers observe that we are soon to become crystalline and return to the Light. Indeed, this lineage of highly esteemed monks shows that it is possible through their transmigration and change from organic to a more cohesive structure. 





How evolved you are doesn’t relate to how intelligent you are

Recently I had a conversation with a friend. We were talking on Facebook and I realized this is something that I should blog about. #telepathynation #enlightenment #awakening


I spend time talking to people of all ranks and backgrounds. 

Recently I realize that sometimes I enjoy talking to outside field workers more than I do, office workers. There are a variety of reasons.

The most prevalent one is: privacy. I’m still assessing which individuals are open enough to share my alternative life path. Not being the trusting type, I tend to be introverted, focused on observing people.

The other is energetic: Most people have ambitions to build financial wealth, get promoted, buy a home, have children, or retire wealthy. Being an old soul, I have learned and long stopped obsessing over these issues. I also sometimes sense that some people do not want to be fully actualized. They soldier on to get with their day jobs without making any changes. This leads them to carry themselves around with a “cup” half-full both in attitude and energetically. They would take the wisdom I’d see about them and do nothing with it. It’s like those mediums, who channel important messages from beyond, and the receiver only wants the answer to their inane question. Or worse, to make your broader observation fit their small reality.

People who are more in touch with Nature 

Workers who spend time outside seem not only more #balanced but they are able, through their hair, eyes and skin, to take in Vitamin D and universal energy. As a result they seem to age slower than their office counterparts, and sport a growth mindset when it comes to knowledge and lifestyle of the more spiritually evolved.


Two individuals that exhibit this come to mind. One is my gas attendant. Prior to working at my local gas station, he held a middle management position in customer service for the gas company. On my weekly re-fueling trips, he would share stories about how you just don’t know what going on until you step outside the office. There is so much more people will share with you that they probably are too angry or frustrated to share over the phone or at the store. From that, he developed an excellent people sense and history of dealing with a variety of souls and their life lessons. You can sense a much deeper understanding from this man. We don’t need to share lengthy discussions with deeply philosophical memes or exchange ideas on spiritual literature. No, it’s more saying the profound things at the right time. This is a person who observes for a living and gets information directly from the source. The empirical data gives him a wisdom about people and life cycles that gives him a broader perspective on life, and one that obviously keeps him young and vibrant — even at 68 years old.

The other would be one of the FEDEX messengers. While noticing me watching a video on ancient yogic breathing, we started talking about aging and fitness. He even shared with me a new brand of #water called AquaHydrate. I learned something new about a drink, which is supposed to be non-flouridated, and thus better for your pineal gland. Surprisingly, he knew what that was and even knew about the matrix and societal brainwashing we have all been through. All that, and he delivers packages.

It’s all in where you invest your mind at leisure.

How much does the grey eminence really know?

So I stated on Facebook: The more evolved people really are not the ones you would suspect. A friend of mine commented in a very insightful way, which I will share with you.

He is a prodigious artist from upstate New York who has seen all ends of the New York City night life, from the lowly to very effete. He said:

“There is a quote I can’t remember who it was but it goes like this ‘what wisdom we have lost for knowledge, what knowledge we have lost for information.’ … Education in this country is misnomer.. liberal arts, English, history, philosophy, archaeology, Greek and latin, were the areas that taught people to think… Current things like business administration, even the law, are essentially the replacement of trade schools that taught plumbing and welding etc.. that is why you meet people with college degrees or advance degrees and they don’t seem to know shit… the truck driver usually knows his ass from his elbow and the MBA seems confused about that.”

Even though I’m not sure that is the cause, I agree with his conclusion. Somehow intelligence doesn’t equate with conscious evolution. Isn’t that ironic? Considering we should be using our smarts to survive, I asked the Universe why the smartest individuals are so steeped in such ass backward ways?

A few days later, the answer came in the quote above from the Internet and I began researching David Suggs and his content. An awakening, indeed, isn’t for everyone. As he writes, it’s more the aptitude for soul searching and truth that you will find Earth’s enlightened souls. There is some truth to that.

Most wealthy or outwardly successful people probably have no need to search deeper. Their ways have earned them material success. There probably is no need to look deeper if you are the accumulation cycle of your consciousness. We’ve all gone through this; that is the striving hard, the learning to be successful with money as the end.

But then surprisingly, from individuals who come from poverty to those who have come from privilege alike, once they attain their goals, it doesn’t seem enough. A top performing salesperson notes that his superiors don’t look any happier. A millionaire banker celebrates his milestone only to find himself miserable and alone in a prestigious ski chalet. What is it about these individuals that make them search for more?

Many point to emptiness as the leading cause of unhappiness. The soul realizes that there is vast amount it is not expressing, while mired in earning a living, and thus it begins to reflect upon itself, turning all things upside down in its search for meaning and continuous improvement of a less material form.

That really is the definition of evolution — that of consciousness; and while I don’t want to judge negatively, those who have not reached this point in their awareness, I do notice very clearly sometimes that the most intelligent are lacking in the wisdom of previous generations’ intelligentsia.

The other part of my answer came in an article about how our society is drugging our visionaries and prophets. From

“Were she alive today, Sylvia Plath would be on anti-depressants. Salvador Dali would be on anti-psychotics. Beethoven would be on Lithium. Newton would likely be committed as well as heavily drugged for his multiple, pervasive mental illness symptoms.”

Not to mention scientific geniuses, such as Tesla, Copernicus, etc. would probably need to be institutionalized. That, too, is how we treat autistic children. On a spectrum they vibrate differently with radically different skills but are geniuses on another level. The answers keep flooding in from Suggs’ daily posts. We honor the normal individual so much that we are willing to go on a witch hunt for the open minded, free thinking individuals who challenge society’s norms. First, on a community level; next, institutionally, next as a public health concern, making for mediocre solutions to world problems, and depriving us of leadership for this vastly challenging new world.

I’m writing this on the 70th anniversary of the mass genocide of the intelligentsia of my countrymen in Taiwan by the Chiang Kaishek forces. That was a forced movement, in which many geniuses were murdered. Now that violence has been eradicated in most First world nations, the warfare against the above average individual is conducted in a systemic, state-supported medical methodologies, from vaccines to pharmaceutical drugs. Just as with Taiwan, schools inculcate what the ruling elite want of an orderly society willing to consume all that it produces at an insane pace that profits the few.

Either way, increasingly more it is those who do not complete the college system or who educate themselves in esoteric sciences, that you find the more evolved.

That is just my opinion.

You probably have radically different experiences and can feel free let me know what you think.