Psychic protection 101: How to deal with an infestation of parasites

This is the second article on a series on basic psychic protection. There is a lot written about emotional vampires; however, have we ever contemplated another form of parasitism, which is air-borne and invisible. A recent episode with moths and flies inspired me to write this piece, as some of the characteristics and remedies to ridding yourself of these creatures, is very similar to what happens on a psychic plane.

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One thing that we never consider when we buy a new house is all the upkeep and maintenance of it while we are gone. We envision the spaciousness, the yard, the dog and the inner decor, but we sometimes forget that other species also want to live with us. Sometimes former occupants; as in haunted residues; and other times, various entities, that enjoy living off our light and energy as sources of food.

One such possibility is hanging around bars, night spots, night clubs, or places where individuals who do drugs, drink, or live a libidinous lifestyle, whether it’s debauchery, excessive eating, sex or spending.


Just as cigarette smoke clings to your clothes and leaves a bad smell, astral parasites love to travel. Hiding in the closet, where you least expect, they quietly wreck havoc on your auric layer, allowing for leakage of energy and

It’s common, for example, for you to go to a party and then experience a strange estrangulation or wrestle with foreign entities that evening. Those are the preliminary signs that a cloying spirit or thought form might have intermingled with your aura, while you were in a state of revelry, whether substance-induced or by proximity. Like seeing one moth, you disregard it, thinking it’s part of your hangover. It’s normal, you think. And even if you wanted to find out, who can you talk to you about such strange phenomena?

You carelessly fling it in your closet of hidden keys and continue on.

Then in a few weeks, you notice more moths coming out of nowhere, buzzing around the lights, that is YOU — and your energy.

They begin as shady acquaintances calling you after the party, inviting you to go to more parties, or seek to come to your home and hang out with you. They see you as innocent blood that they want to violate; almost as if they can relive their purity through yours, they invade your personal boundaries, preying on your desire for power, being different from whom you currently see yourself to be, for experimentation, and your desire for immortality through worldly ambitions and those individuals, whom you think are successful; to mimic their darker sides.

The intoxication is real. For that one night or several early binges, you do experience an otherworldly trip that is entrancing. So much so, that you don’t want to leave; you want to keep doing whatever it is, that brings you to that glorified, extraordinarily colorful state that you normally cannot achieve with your normal senses.

Then it begins to nag you to feed its unhealthier appetites, such as smoking, taking drugs, indulging in bizarre acts of self mutilation, thoughts of depression, anxiety and dread. No sooner than not, if you continue to congregate with such friends, these urges then become habits, and soon these entities not only start to embed themselves in your aura and space, but begin to take over your substance–money, savings, mental and physical energy, and relationships.

Even if you don’t continue, the guilt and shame remain and begin to infest. Then one day weeks later, you go to put on your best self for an interview and you discover an infestation has taken over your closet, and has attacked your best suit, i.e. YOU.

Even if you have none of these thoughts or desires, they still upon occasion show up from being around this atmosphere and these individuals.

What to do

First, we have to understand that empaths are easy targets for parasites, because of our Light. Understanding that, you will understand your proclivity to drawing negative people and situations. Instead of repelling them, they seek to interact with something that causes them to combust and intermingle with your energies.

That said, it’s not enough to be the bright bulb in the group. You must constantly scan your surroundings and body for intrusions. Unlike vampires who use charm and seduction, to infiltrate and drain your energy from these tears, parasites work on a more microscopic level, seeking instead to lay seeds of negativity to weaken the auric fiber and slowly ingest it.

Just as flies seek a watery area to lay eggs, these parasites look for moments when an empath has absorbed too much of the external environment. When you have not sufficient downtime to tease through your interlacing webs, these critters can nest larvae in the interstices. Unknowingly, if you are not teasing your layers apart regularly to cleanse you chakras, they can bulk up the vortices and cause tears and bulges and congested areas.

As earlier discussed, they are like negligence. A slippage here, a weakened will there; just one drink, one more swipe on the credit card, one unforeseen wanton escape, and little by little, an addiction forms, whereby the parasite, which now has grown into an attachment to the etheric body, slowly poisons the rest of the system and urges the individual to sink deeper into the habit until it becomes a permanent, hardened part of the whole.

Visualization and the Higher Force

Your number one weapon is your mind. When you are in a relaxed state, you can see yourself objectively, and tease apart these intermingled layers. Sending light is a common antidote. Invoking God or a Higher presence either by word or through silent prayer, can help push out the invading energy.

Visualizing a vacuum sucking the varmints and its larvae out of your space is the most effective. This requires the vigilant body scanning and invoking of a higher energy to assist in the removal of foreign thought forms and entities that do not belong. Regular and repeated, auric photos and cleansing thus helps ensure they will not come back once the body has been cleansed.

Salts, Oils and Vinegar

Salt baths and essential oil mists

Lower vibrational thought forms are easily repelled by certain essential oils and vibrational elixirs. When you feel overwhelmed, it is a good time to take a bath with Epsom salts, Himalayan salts or sea salt. Salt traditionally has been used by all traditions to stabilize and ground energies. When soaking in salt or vinegar, it is good to imagine the debris lifting and untangling its tentacles from your form, and then adhering to the salt, or other basic form, away from you.

Essential oils, such as lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and frankincense, also can remove entities. They need to be dissolved in solution, so when it is sprayed into the aura, it can diffuse whatever inharmonious blockages or attachments, and repel them from the auric body.

Just as we drink acetic water to cleanse our digestive system, we can spritz this into our body to unclog the foreign debris on our auric walls.

Cutting ties to negative influences

Knowing is not enough. We must end associations with people who are negative, bring us down, complain, and harbor a loser attitude toward life. We can’t let them coexist with us. Sometimes they are family members. Other times they are friends that we tolerate because we are lonely.

You are who you associate with. If your friends are leading you down a path of destructive or simply not constructive toward your self improvement regime, it’s time to cut the cords. These parasites infiltrate through ears and eyes. They spread gossip, talk behind your back, create situations where you are slighted to suit their egos, and continually put you down.

One moth lays thousands of negative eggs in and around you that then multiply and distract you to no end with their destruction. Spend less time with them. Distance yourself and even cut ties if you must. You are who you spend time with. Don’t let these individuals bad habits become yours.


Store your treasures in bulletproof casing

Lastly, protect your soul by fortifying the aura with regular exercises to keep it vibrant and healthy. Knowing that parasites can eat through any thin membranes, we have to stop leaving our treasures out in the open or unsealed. This requires that we review all the areas of our life that we leave vulnerable to energy thieves and identity theft.

It is hard work ensuring our body and mind are nourished with the right ingredients to function at its optimum. The purity of such, can so easily be soiled by their proximity to trash on the Internet, books, friends, and corrosive elements. We have to replace some of our storage containers from flimsy plastic bags to glass mason jars with airtight seals, from porous sacks to covered tins and dry storage rooms.

Thus we should strengthen the Metal around our body and environment. On the surface level, that would mean the amount of gold we might wear. On a deeper level, it means we have to sharpen our tongues and be prepared to defend our boundaries from encroachment by loafers and those who want to take advantage of our virtuous nature. If being assertive is difficult for you, read a book or take a course to strengthen these psychic protection skills. They will keep us from being over sympathetic in situations that may harm or tip the balance of fair exchange against us.

Keep clean

Lastly, don’t wander around places that are spiritually unclean or continue practicing arts or reading books about rituals to tap unsafe, discarnate energies; or objects. You are only inviting in trouble. Once they see that you are willing to commingle with them, they shall seek to stay forever; and bring more friends.

The only antidote is what you fill your mind. Prayer and sacred meditation on higher thoughts and behaviors strengthen the auric body against ill will and evil influences. As you gain strength, the higher the tests. So be prepared. Your armor should be your infilling of a Higher Presence to restore and protect you, and should be reinforced with daily meditation of the thoughts and habits of righteous actions and living.



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Psychic protection 101: How to clean up, emotional sponges

As we promised, the next few weeks will focus on psychic protection.

The first order is addressing those of you who are psychic sponges. Many empaths have a tendency to not only take in information, but also absorb it for later processing and healing.

For those who do not know what an emotional sponge, and are uncertain if you are one, the following questions might help:

  • Do you take on the feelings of others?
  • When a coworker or neighbor shared their negative stories, do you absorb their negativity? feel exhausted? Or take on their trauma and stress?
  • Do you find yourself often depressed?  Easily drained in crowds?
  • Do you fear being overwhelmed in relationships?
  • Do you see to need more quiet time than others?
  • Do you subconsciously overindulge in food, drugs or alcohol to cope?
  • Do you suffer from physical symptoms that are difficult to diagnose medically?

If you’ve answered yes to more than 5 of these questions, changes are you are a finely tuned psychic instrument that requires frequent re-balancing and sometimes cleansing.

In Common with Physical Sponges

Many empaths resemble sponges in that we tend to wash others clean through the process of our concerned listening, analysis, sifting through their undigested emotions, trash, congested grease of heavy emotions that cause auric blockages and stuck patterns. In the process of conversing, or even being in the same environment, we can look like a dirty sponge by the end of the day.

ditry sponge bob

Most people throw away sponges when they been used and no longer have abrasiveness. That acute sharpness in an emotional empath is akin to our energy, including our insights, mental acuity, inner radiance, emotional fortitude, resilience, unlimited ability to renewal through spiritual power, physical vitality and strength.

Another kind of sponge is a vampire, who also have enormous appetite for absorbing, channeling, transforming and manipulating the life force of others. Because of their negative behaviors; however, vampires are individuals who use their magic to ill will. Because of their destructive tendencies, they do not face the truth about themselves and work with their own abilities. Instead, they consistently use their abilities to prey on others; for the attention and illusion of power it gives them.

soap the sponge

Soaping; or the psychic equivalent of taking baths in epsom salts, are simply not enough.

Because the sponge is always warm, moist and flecked with food, it is an ideal breeding ground for microbes — both physical and energetic. As with the table below, the aura, which is a porous membrane like a sponge, may be filled with all types of parasites; holes; tears; as well as unhealthful sludge after repeated breakdown and use.



How to keep emotional sponges clean

squeeze the sponge

There is no option for people to microwave an emotional sponge; just as a physical sponge to kill the microbes. However, there is the possibility of keeping a sponge cleaner by rinsing with more than plain water.

As with physical sponges, you must take care to kill the germs or Negativity that you’ve picked up, by regularly rinsing unwanted thought forms, negative self-images and self-talk and unprocessed emotions by eliminating foreign energies from the aura. The “bleach” equivalent includes bathing regularly in Light; taking Himalayan pink or sea salt baths; to applying aura spray made of essential oils, such as lime, lemon, or juniper regularly to yourself and your aura with as far as an arm’s distance from your arms. Drinking 9-12 glasses of water also helps.

Control your negative thoughts

Even though we are sensitive, we are not as helpless as think. Most situations call for us to step outside of our victimhood (and into our Higher Self). Practicing detachment allows us to witness our circumstances and choose out thoughts. For instance, if we decide that this is perpetual situation of bad luck; that dark umbrella will follow us wherever we go.

Even with protection (like that of an umbrella), some of us still rain down on our own parades.

We start down a dark spiral when we feel sorry for ourselves and start calling upon our past history as a source for our misery. Once we start injuring ourselves with negative self-talk, we automatically surrender to the situation and stop seeing solution. Internally, we also create conditions that rob us of our joy.

It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, this is where it’s necessary to short-circuit that negativity thought stream, because it will bring the worst upon us if we keep focusing on “what we don’t want,” if we remain in our comfort zone with our arms crossed. A negative loop feeds upon itself, and when we are in that emotional state, we are apt to create more chaos.

We need to step aside, take a deep breath and indeed, ask whether it’s as bad as it looks. Usually, it isn’t. But our mental state is such that we see only the overwhelm (and work involved), and not the blessing in disguise. Once we say to ourselves, “I can handle this,” or “I own this problem; I am going to own the solution.” Things then shift to a different line of thinking.

We don’t always have to reach for the ax to kill the flea, so-to-speak; or jump to conclusions that something is always out of our control, even if they are demonic or Negative in nature.  As a wise man always said, “If you weren’t powerful enough, no one would seek after you.” In this generation, so many lightworkers are targeted for the simple reason that they have come here to free the earth from negativity. Some people were born with implants; others experience multiple attacks along the way. This wasn’t meant to be a curse or big boulder in the way of your plans. In a higher sense, it’s meant to train you for helping yourself transform the density and help others beyond it. Therefore, own that power and create a different destiny for yourself.  Even, as we go through the grief, anger, resentment and pain, there is a cleansing in the end, and we are going to be that much stronger for it.

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Psychic detox and water

Well, despite myself, I’m doing well on my sleep and detox diet. Most of us who are empathic really struggle with pesky weight gain for sometimes frustrating reasons. Here’s what I’ve learned about myself as an emotional sponge, and how to wring myself clean of energy every 6-7 weeks. (2 of 2)

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What I learned about good health, I learned from Nicole Ronsard, a Frenchwoman who wrote a book about cellulite, which focuses on good circulation and avoiding certain polluting foods.

 and my grandmother always got up at 4 am to do yoga and start chanting and reading her scriptures. She always said, drink lots of water.

Why water is important to me

Most days when I am traveling or talking to people I can pick up as much as 15 pounds of energy, from interacting with people and the new environment. I’ll feel really tired.

Clogged: a better word for how it feels. Like a blender trying to grind up too many dense ingredients at the same time. Or like a train carrying too many cars, trying to pull uphill.

Yesterday, I was achy and tired; I even thought I was coming down with an autoimmune disease. I started drinking coffee with different Omega creamers earlier this year, hoping that would help, but it hasn’t. Significantly, that is. This Friday, I felt so run down, it was like I had aged 20 years. I didn’t understand why my coworker, who is the same age as me and who even gets less sleep than I do, was fine; although, of course, he doesn’t come into the office every day, and he’s not build like a sponge, absorbing vibrations.

In Chinese astrology my elements together can be summarized as “Big Water.” Like the ocean I’m a huge empathic sponge: I am all about sucking up energy and cleansing it. It’s how I’m built, energetically.

When I see myself getting bloated, I know I’m processing huge amounts of information and experiences. According to scientists we are composed of 72% of water. For those of us that are either psychic, water signs or naturally empathic, we tend to absorb in excess of that amount from our surroundings, making us feel heavy, overwhelmed and confused.

You know when it becomes problematic when your mind turns over and over on thoughts that are, sometimes, not yours. Or when the emotional drive/fire to do something becomes literally watered by Negativity (fear, anxiety and other projections, sometimes not our own).

Recently I took Grandma’s advice and started drinking lots water; specifically, Kangen water(1), because it is non-fluoride and is alkaline; and vegetable smoothies or brothy vegetable soups made with it. Below is a list of its benefits. 

If you can’t afford Kangen water, you can make your own alkaline water with #Himalayansalt or purchase other brands in a higher end supermarket.

I was totally amazed, because I haven’t been to the gym for three weeks and I have been eating pizza, bread and other crap, such as sugary coffee drinks, which I shouldn’t have, in the last few days. Yet the weight just peeled off in the morning, as if I were flushing the contents of my stomach.

How to lube up your internal engine

In the beginning I drank a tall glass of water with apple cider vinegar, #Himalayansalt, lemon or cayenne pepper, before bed and in the morning, consistently for three months. This increased the need to urinate but drinking so much made me aware of myself as a big container of water. If you’re not complicated by an unhealthy body or prescription drugs, when you are filled to capacity, you will feel it and your body will automatically send a signal to your brain to purge what is no longer necessary for it, without your consciously deciding what that should be.

All you have to do is focus on drinking enough of the right pH water.

Knowing my water is naturally alkaline, I essentially took care of 72% of my body, preventing parasites, and other harmful microcosms to grow.

I find that even people who religiously read labels, or are vegetarian, can still be fat. Either they don’t drink enough water, or they miss sleep, which creates an unnatural drive to eat to restore energy; they do not get sufficient exercise; and/or they simply don’t look at the quantity (or total caloric content) of the supposedly healthy foods they are eating. Sometimes it is those dull veggies or egg whites that need to be dressed up with a multitude of ingredients, that raises the caloric count to 500 calories per serving.

You have to be honest with yourself. Drinking lots of water won’t solve all your weight problems. You still have to be aware of what you put into yourself. Calories-wise, portion-wise, and energy-wise. However, once you cleanse yourself through hydration and energetically, automatically your system will start rejecting the garbage for you, regardless of whether the source is physical or emotional.

Turning OFF fully
Whenever I am overeating it is often due to lack of sleep; or trying to soothe emotional aggravation.

I try to rest my mind and go the bed early. But it’s not easy.

Even in sleep I’m traveling astrally and working. On some mornings I will feel more tired if I’ve had heavy dreams or done a lot of energetic work in another realm. I have to realize that, and try not to overstimulate myself with TV, negative stories, Facebook conversations, or upsetting information about relationships or work. During the summer months I also switch to green tea to get off unnatural stimulants that will keep me from getting sufficient sleep.

Since I am results oriented, I have a driven personality, whether it is a project that needs to be executed; or it is a client that I am in the middle of analyzing, witnessing and feeling empathically.  Unlike my Grandma who lived an ascetic life, I have bills to pay; chores; cleaning and other responsibilities to family, pets and friends. It’s common to experience worry and anxiety from daily living that make complete rest, illusive.

In order to really get sleep then, I have to find ways to physically shut off and mentally close down projects by writing my worries down; or simply, being more focused during the peak hours of 10AM-1PM, dealing with business (annoying realities, contract details, incorrect accounting errors, insurance, boring but calamitous cash reconciliations, etc.), as well as do the metaphysical work of helping others.

Facing your problems (and not procrastinating too long on decisions) is the only way to put them to rest. It literally is like clearing the mind/body computer of the trash in its memory. Once the relevant information has been understood, it can either be deleted or stored elsewhere for future reference.

It’s chipping away at the glacier of your life plan. Two to three issues per day; no more.

When I am handling all aspects of life, I can drop as much as 4-8 lbs in any eight hour rest period. It happens no matter how poorly I eat, or how little exercise I do.

By drinking lots of water and getting quality sleep, after six months my body now tells me when how much fluid to drink and forces me to detox faster.

I’m sure there is a more scientific explanation, but for now I’m just reporting my results for and from my personal understanding.

Disclaimer: Not everyone will have the same results, as we differ in temperament, life purpose and body chemistry. However, when you find something that works for you, persist in keeping that good habit. It will protect you and your body under the worst circumstances.

(1) Disclaimer: This is not a marketing piece for Kangen water. Diet plan. Fitness program.

Whatever is your dominant element (earth, water, metal, fire or air), it will have an influence on how you operate. How might you benefit from learning that, to improve your vitality? If you’re interested in answering these questions, contact us at for an energy reading.

It’s hard to let go of inner demons; they were holding you when no one else would

There are many articles on psychic protection and negativity, but sometimes the one thing we neglect to look at is the negativity within us. When we protect ourselves, we also protect the old patterns and ways of doing things; some of behaviors comfort us long after we have tried to eliminate them, such as smoking, overeating, gambling, overspending, other physical indulgences and unusual relationships with spirits and entities when we are lonely.

Six years ago I was talking to my Pakistani partner in Taiwan. A strange woman came into his coffee shop and started talking animatedly about feeling touched intimately at night by unseen forces and occasionally having erotic dreams. When we looked into it, it appeared that that the apartment she recently moved into had an apparition, a man that killed himself in the building. Apparently he hadn’t left and, through this woman’s curiosity, started haunting her. She had lost weight, was starting to get depressed and didn’t have a job. We gave her the water test and indeed the negativity was rampant.

While we could cleanse the apartment, something about the woman’s behavior triggered us. My partner consulted his healing family in Pakistan and we found that she was the one summoning the ghost, as it provided endless hours of fascination and chat for her. In her loneliness, SHE was the one keeping it housebound, to which we threw up our hands and resigned the assignment.

In many instances, as much as people say they want to release their inner demons, once they are free of them they don’t know what to do with the free time, the lightness or the inability to block off unpleasant feelings. Things might go well for a few months. Then the spirit returns and speaks to them, and if the individual has not looked at the pattern and/or relationship with a strong desire to leave it, it isn’t hard for them to be deceived back into the relationship with their demons again. It could be for as stupid a reason as revenge, vanity, desire for power, or company while lost and lonely, as the story above.

How do you know when your inner demons are back

Your habits become slack. Sometimes you become overly or under-concerned about your physical appearance and hygiene. You grow depressed and start having negative mental dialogues that seem abusive or forceful rather than calm and encouraging. You’re drawn back into self-destructive binges — and inappropriate excesses, that bring you in a cycle of self-hatred and pessimism. Often there is a complete personality change. In some cases, this is involuntary; in others, it’s accompanied by a self-induced belief that an individual is becoming his favorite icon and transcending his previous personality.

Nonphysical demons are no less different than living demons. They are charming. They ply us with flattery, lies and false promises when we are weak; and they never leave us alone even when we ask them to leave. They will keep tempting us, especially during holidays and just as we are almost done letting them go. They keep us in neverending mental dialogues of past memories and unresolved angst.

Frequenting hot spots, picking up unexpected guests

Especially if you still visit etheric hot zones, such as graveyards, bars, war zones, and sites of fatal accidents. When I was an archaeologist, I used to have constant run-ins with disincarnate human entities. You can feel them by cold it makes your skin run; and they are as real as being in a room with a corpse. It is an unpleasant feeling, and if you do not have a spiritual practice where you can invoke a Higher Power to dispel them, they can attach to your aura. We’ve had several clients, who, after visiting battle sites, have come in for consultations. At first, some seem like friendly ghosts; hiding in a vulnerable form, but then bring in a host of other negative energies.

Why healing sometimes is not a one-shot deal?

In many addiction cases, the pain is real, hidden and brings up shame. It’s not a mechanical process that releases the trauma but the acceptance of others that frees people from the long term suffering. Understanding (and reclaiming parts of the memory that have been pushed out of consciousness) takes time and careful excavation of the soul layers; it sometimes even takes years, depending on how ingrained the pattern has been, and it also takes time, supported by a thoughtful counselor/partner, to help the individual learn and stabilize new healthier behaviors.

Sometimes the hardest part lies in finding the right environment to articulate the plausible causes of trauma, as Western society sometimes does not have a sufficient vocabulary to describe the strange, eery hauntings and inner turmoil. Practitioners in the West tend to invalidate the experiences of the paranormal; rather than examine it for what the individual is going through in his or her as a result of their ancestral lines or  current lifetime lessons.

The other reason: releasing demons is a stubborn affair

Not all wounds are visible; they are hidden, and only haunt us in moments of solitude. We sometimes have given up on clearing our demons, because we have, for such a long time, slowly become ingrained with their negative behaviors and now don’t know how to exist with these crutches. That, they go unperceived and silent, makes them a deadly killer.

Slowly but surely, you are dying inside but there are visible signs of struggle or difficulty to the outside world. This is most common of long-term anxiety, depression and a host of other self-destructive habits and tendencies.

Therefore, when you seek treatment do not distress if you suddenly relapse back into old behaviors. It’s more common that you think. Sometimes it takes 16 relapses before you finally find the stress to leave the oppressor of your tortured soul. Sometimes, like me, it takes 17 years to heal certain deep-rooted mindsets inherited through your ancestral line.

It’s hard to let go of inner demons; when they were holding you when no one else would. 

Before you embark on any particular program, you should be prepared to look at your own thoughts (and how they contribute to a negative state). Often when we attribute the Negativity to forces outside ourselves, we neglect to rinse our own inner cup of energies (and behaviors that keep us stuck in unproductive mental states of suffering).

This isn’t an article to go into the various kinds of spirit attachments but to explain that it is as common to catch a demonic being as it is to catch a physical pathogen, such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. If your motives are not entirely healthy, no amount of regular, self-monitoring routine for spiritual and mental hygiene can remove what you are unwilling to let go of.

When you are ready to let them go, stop talking to them. It’s as simple as that, but it could be difficult if you have no one else.

In the next few weeks, we will provide posts about psychic protection that might work for you if you are ready to step into a new self.

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What happens on earth when celestial orbs get in each other’s light 

By Yvonne. On February 26, 2017 at 6:25 a.m we will experience a solar eclipse in 8 degrees Pisces. Here are some ideas on how to flow into it:

What are eclipses?

Eclipses are events when one celestial orb, such as the earth, blocks another and creates darkness upon the earth. The one coming up involves the moon coming in between the sun and earth; being annular, it will totally block the sun from view and is considered one of the most powerful events in the year. 

What does this mean spiritually?

In many ancient cultures, including Christianity, eclipses are often feared for what might happen. It is a time when the veil between worlds is the thinnest and when ghosts can penetrate our world 1,000 more times, creating all kinds of mischief and mayhem. Even Jesus’ crucifixion occurred in a lunar eclipse where temporarily it seemed as if God had abandoned the world.

Whenever we have solar or lunar eclipses, it amplifies the type of celestial event involved. For instance, a full moon eclipse makes a Full Moon even more emotional; a new moon eclipse makes the New Moon even more eventful when the planets align. In general we experience 4-6 eclipses per year. These times mark significant changes that create opportunities for our soul to grow, especially if these eclipses touch on our personal planets by transit.

Hidden truths surface 

During these times we experience strong emotions and insights. Messages from beyond come through loud and clear. Whether it is pointing out the true colors of our friends or the lost cause nature of a false hope or endeavors of ours or something else, an eclipse brings light to that which we have ignored or been in denial about. Not all eclipses are negative: some individuals experience great joy during the solar eclipse, especially if they have done their inner work. But most eclipses usually begin with heavy emotions that we cannot ignore. 

The more intensely we feel — especially when the feelings aren’t ours and are unpleasant, the more we have to pay attention to energy exchanges between ourselves and others. Is it in balance? Have we neglected a relationship? Was what we contracted with others still in alignment with our sense of fairness and truth? Are we too busy taking care of other people’s needs, we have neglected our own self care? These are all issues that come to the fore of our consciousness to be acted upon. 

With a Pisces solar eclipse, all the negative aspects of Neptune must be faced and transmuted. This includes our tendency to live vicariously through others and not tend to our well-being; to live in a fantasy world to avoid dealing with mundane realities; to use addictions, including gambling, sex, drugs, and overspending, to soothe ourselves and avoid reality; to feel the negative feelings and despondency of others; and to not deal with our problems in a practical manner.

It is a time when we get fed up with how we are misunderstood, unappreciated or undervalued (especially for our views and opinions on Facebook and other places). Do we want to continue to be a doormat? Or do we want to take the bull by the horns and walk away from people and situations that no longer serve our visions. We have a choice, and the sooner we embrace the feelings that come up and take action, the clearer we are about our workable choices and what steps to take to move forward.

Don’t go out; eat or drink; meditate and read holy words

Since Earthly practitioners use these cycles to do rituals, the atmosphere is charged with egoic intentions and chaotic energy. Some of the dark magic is harmful. For this reason, ancient peoples always advised staying close to home and increasing your level of spiritual protection during eclipses.

It is a time commonly used for inner work and dealing with our issues. If a situation is sufficiently toxic enough to us, we have to face that certain people or circumstances may have served their purpose and it is time to let them go. It is a time for endings, especially during lunar eclipses. We do a final accounting, pay for the time used, find the impetus to cut the ties and move on. 

Since our intuition is heightened we also can see through deception and fantasy states that might normally keep us in negative habits. Random events happen during eclipses to shake us from our cherished illusions and make us accept the reality of the challenge and our limitations in fulfilling it. Sorrows deepen to the point where we are forced to act. Unlike the Mercury retrograde, which happens automatically, the raw truths unearthed during eclipses usually result in new behaviors and adjustments in the next 18-24 months to come. 

Once we remove things that no longer serve our Higher Self, we need to surround ourselves with positive energy and relationships that help us stay strong, rather than refill the void with a different substance or distraction. In order to renew our souls, it is beneficial to align ourselves with healthier rituals that make us feel wholesome and uplifted. Staying a frequency above the lower astral realms where wandering ghosts and negative thought forms chatter is critical to avoiding unneeded entanglement during these times. It is therefore a good time for singing, praying, saying a mantra, doing a spiritual practice, journal writing, laughing, clapping, clearing spaces, and connecting with other likeminded souls to protect yourself during eclipses. Once we have shed aspects of ourselves that we have outgrown, we can see it from a higher perspective and, as Susan Miller says, get to a “new level of maturity”; thus using these events to evolve to a higher, more fulfilling state.

Eclipses force us to move forward

Events happen whether we like them or not. If it’s a solar eclipse, our careers — for better or worse–may come into the spotlight or achieve an outcome worthy of public recognition. Or they may come under attack, and we have to reconsider how we deal with authority figures and men. During a lunar eclipse, our relationship with women, including our female friends, mother, wife, grandmother, professional relationships, clients, and business associations, come into focus. We may make new friends and lose old connections; come into power struggles, or find ourselves assisting one. 

When we encounter problems, we might learn what brings us the greatest self-nurturance and learn to love ourselves more. Pain can be the breakthrough needed for us to drop unhealthful ways and finally become our True Self. We begin to apply a different level of awareness, unity and kindness to ourselves and others.

It is during these periods that it is a good time to reconnect with Mother Earth. We pick up from the astral plane so many vibrations that are not ours when the veils are thin. For the three to 48 hours that the eclipse is in effect, earthing is recommended to release the fear, anxiety and feelings of scarcity, that we might come in contact with when our insecurities, ignored old hurts and unresolved issues are commingled with the Collective, especially during the super emotionally spongey Pisces moon. 

It is not advisable to start or end projects during lunar or solar eclipses.  

Just as Mercury retrograde puts us in a review mode, eclipses make us defenseless against all the emotions around us and make us slow down to take in outer world feedback. It takes time to integrate the information for our inner process of healing. However, once it is felt on a soul level, we can start to slowly accept what is and act accordingly. 

By working with the cycles of Nature we can make eclipses work for us. Email us at for astrology readings. We can help identify underlying themes; unblock energies, interferences and energy imbalances as well as uncord stubborn, unhealthy attachments. 

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